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Thread: Need new, er, 'equipment' for video games...?

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    Default Need new, er, 'equipment' for video games...?

    Having grown up before video games were invented I've always found them much of a muchness, far removed from the activity which they purport to represent. That many people the world over enjoy playing them is beyond question and any approval or disapproval these games I might have is entirely academic.

    Someone has now brought out an accessory to broaden the pleasure experience by the players and also to get even more people involved in games - in a quite unexpected way.

    I predict an immediate sale of the device to a certain address in Cordoba.
    It'll be 'handy' for a night shift at a cybercafé.

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    Default Re: Need new, er, 'equipment' for video games...?

    ............thats all I'm going to say..........

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    Default Re: Need new, er, 'equipment' for video games...?

    Now that's just bizarre... It's gotta be pretty old already, though, I can't imagine anybody still plays these old games anymore... For most games nowadays you need to Sticks, and I can only imagine that most men lack that...
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