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Can anyone help me find this image??
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Thread: Can anyone help me find this image??

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    Default Can anyone help me find this image??

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here. My family has a long military history (including my own) but I am most intrigued by my great Uncle who served in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945. He was killed after the Luzon landings taking Balete pass. I am getting a tattoo to honor him and all U.S. WWII vets, and part of it is the image of: Boots, Rifle and Helmet as a memorial or marker (also known as a battlefield cross). I've seen this a thousand times but cannot find a WWII era image. IE: with a Garand (M1). I've found thousands of modern images (seen a few live ones as well) but can't find the right era. Please help! It can be a photo, drawing or painting. I just need a place to start. You've all seen it...where is it? Great site by the way,..I can't wait to dig deeper ... Thank you!

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    Default Re: Can anyone help me find this image??

    Off hand, My first thought is to try one of the US Marines sites.
    I seem to recall seeing a couple of years back, a photo of a Garand with helmet, and a stick tied across as a crosspiece. At the foot of the Garand was a pair of short-topped boots.
    That would date the picture to mid 1942, for, if recall serves correctly, after then the "canvas" jungle-boots became more common, and the boots in the photo are leather, as far as I can discern.

    I know it is not a lot to go on, help-wise, but I do hope it helps.
    "Semper Fi".

    Regards, Uyraell.
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