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Thread: Argentine military Button found in Yorkshire UK.

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    Default Argentine military Button found in Yorkshire UK.

    Some time ago i was metal detecting on a farm in North Yorkshire when i found this button, i know it's Argentine, i know it says Ministry of war in Spanish, but i don't know how old it is or how it came to end up in Yorkshire, can you help? do you know of a site where i could find an example of this button in better condition?
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    Default Re: Argentine military Button found in Yorkshire UK.

    A couple of possibilities I can think of:

    1. It's roughly 20 years old and is a souvenir from a veteran of the Falklands War

    2. It's roughly 70 years old and it's a leftover from Argentinian soldiers that were in Britain during WW2.

    3. It's not an Argentinian button, but rather a Spanish one, which means it's probably really old.
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    Default Re: Argentine military Button found in Yorkshire UK.

    Interesting, it say "intendencia de Guerra", old designation for war logistic. Is argentine for sure, it have the Argentine crest.

    Definately is 60 or 70 years old, no idea how it made his way to Britain.

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    Default Re: Argentine military Button found in Yorkshire UK.

    My Guess : 90 or more years old. Argentine troops quartered in Britain before being sent to France/Belgium in World War One.
    Why do I think so?
    Bronze alloy button, done in a forced-slushcast to what was most likely a wetclay mold.
    Why that? The pinmount.

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