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Thread: Things that piss me off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by herman2 View Post
    Things that piss me off, is when I have to struggle to start the car in the snow, get salt all over the car, wash it, get salted again, freeze my *** off walking from the parking lot to work, sweating in the car and freezing when I get out………………when them dam peoples In Ozzie Land get to live in beautiful weather year round and never ever have to worry about the frigin Snow!..It just ain’t human I tell ya! Dem bastarrds!

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    buy BMW or AUDI or german alike,. they re expensive to buy and to maintain,. but fick like a badger when comes to anything.
    once my Audi fully burried under snow (cant even see the roof) in Switzerland,. swept and scooped the snow and you start your engine with no hassle.
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    Unhappy Re: Things that piss me off!

    These must be high in the ranks of tasteless merchandise -

    Click image for larger version. 

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    One of a range of "themed" iPhone 6 covers currently being peddled on the Internet, featuring photos of "sights" in the Auschwitz-Birkenau labor/murder camp. This is, of course, features a cropped-off photo of the entrance gate to Auschwitz II (Birkenau) - a place where many life stories ended. JR.

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    What gets on my nerves is how the US military and space program was taken from Germany.

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    What happened to TV news anchors? When I was a kid, a TV news anchor was supposed to be a serious journalist, not just a pretty face. News shows avoided putting overly attractive people in front of the camera because it was feared that the public wouldn’t take them seriously.

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    Yeah. When I was a kid it only took one news presenter in studio. Now there are a minimum of two. Don't talk to me about weather bimbos.

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