By and large, the Ottoman Empire was pretty tolerant to most minorities within its power - as long as they paid their taxes, (in some cases) contributed military levies when required, and did not challenge the military/foreign policies of the Sublime Porte. In fact, provided that they observed these limitations, Ottoman rule often seems to have been less onerous on non-Turks than it was on the Turks themselves. As regards the comment on "Muslim" massacres in Darfur, elements of the (more or less Muslim) Baggara people of western Sudan have been trying, on and off, to conduct ethnic cleansing against their slightly darker Christian and Animist Bantu neighbours for at least two centuries. What has been happening more recently has more to do with good old-fashioned land warfare than it does with religion. It seems to me that these things are a bit ... complicated ... Best regards, JR.