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View Poll Results: The Battleship of your choice

57. You may not vote on this poll
  • Hood

    5 8.77%
  • Nelson

    1 1.75%
  • Bismarck

    13 22.81%
  • Scharnhorst

    0 0%
  • North Carolina

    3 5.26%
  • Iowa

    9 15.79%
  • Yamato

    6 10.53%
  • Warspite/Queen Elizabeth

    7 12.28%
  • Dunkerque

    0 0%
  • others, You name it in your post.

    13 22.81%
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Thread: Battleship of your heart

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    Default Re: Battleship of your heart

    Hello to all, for my part I would opt for the Roma, who really has a nice line.
    Sincerely Fred

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    He who asks a question remains ignorant five minutes, who does not ask remains ignorant of his life.

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    Angry Re: Battleship of your heart

    Quote Originally Posted by burp View Post
    I cannot now say to you an exact study about it, but the effect of gunfire it's concerning the sound of projectile flying trough air and hitting near you. It's the same reason because Stuka has sound device to make a loud sound before hitting the target.
    A lot of books from WWI and WWII talk about the devastating psychological effect of being shelled by big guns, even if your are safe in a bunker, because you hear the sound and feel the impact on the soil.
    With bombs and missiles you cannot produce this effect so easily.
    It the rotating band on naval shells that makes the eerie wailing sound that accompanies the arrival of NGF. Any rifled artillery, naval or otherwise, will produce the same sound effect. However, I have both heard and read of Vets claiming that a shell which arrives quietly with no warning of it's approach is far more unnerving than one which produces a sound and gives time for troops to take cover. Certain rocket artillery projectiles, as well, as "stand-off" missiles and bombs, do not announce their approach and can be devastating when catching troops in the open. As for feeling the impact of the shell through the earth, that is something that is plainly discernible even with relatively small mortar bombs, and is dependent upon the size if the projectile's bursting charge and proximity of the impact.

    Quote Originally Posted by burp View Post
    The problem of naval gun is that they use fast detonation gunpowder to achieve better muzzle velocity, a key perfomance if you main target is another armoured ship, while ground guns for infantry support use slower gunpowder to save life of their barrels and use lighter barrels. But it can be solved simply using different gunpowder.
    I understand the reasons behind the difference between high-angle artillery fire and flat trajectory NGF. And no, different gunpowder will not turn flat trajectory NGF into effective high-angle gun fire. There is a whole slew of problems from fire direction to exhausting the unburned remnants of powder from the breech before reloading a naval gun. Shell design may also be a factor.

    Suffice it to say that any shelling is terrifying for those on the business end of it, but the most terrifying of all is that shelling which is on-target and destroys equipment and men with devastating certainty. Big shells do enjoy a certain advantage in this respect no matter what their origin, but as WW II demonstrated, NGF was seldom as effective as concentrated and persistent high-angle artillery fire, except in rare cases where heavily fortified targets were encountered.

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    Default Re: Battleship of your heart

    I've been told that if you hear the shell fire, it's already probably missed you as it's gone over your head....

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