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Thread: Bad Luck

  1. Default Bad Luck

    When i fist saw this footage i was like ... why the **** these guys get shot ?...

    You can see two german soldiers with hands up and white flags surrender to a groub of GI`s near colongne 1944
    these two germans do anything by the book and if you watch the footage in normal speed you can`t see any reason why the GI`s open fire on them
    So I slowd the footage down to 10% of the originial and zoomed in on the first german soldier ..

    reminds me on the Band of Brothers episode where the American trooper get killed by a German Luger08 in his pocket

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    Quality of that footage is WAY too low to draw any conclusions - you can barely recognise them as human, let alone determine nationality, what they're doing, etc. Even who fired upon them isn't clear - all you can say is that it probably isn't the US soldiers in the foreground.
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    True. Sometimes the Germans shot their own men when they tried to surrender, but then again, so did some Americans...

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    ok, you right it`s not that good to see ...
    the two germans approaching from the right
    to the left are two GI`s
    When the first german drop the white flag he also drops his gear with holster
    as soon as the holster touches the ground the gun goes off ... thats why the GI`s open fire on them

    BAD LUCK .. they were some feed away to start a new life

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    This video was once used to describe that German snipers would surrender right after their ammo ran out, and most GI's didn't take too kindly to that.


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