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Thread: Visit to the Russell Military Museum.

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    Default Re: Exterior displays

    Quote Originally Posted by tankgeezer View Post
    Aside from Armor, and artillery displays, there are a number of aircraft, and related artifacts as well. Some admittedly look like they've been parted out, maybe they might be reassembled for proper display later on. I dont know the nomenclature of this stuff, but maybe P.K. or one of you others might know. there are more exhibits , but the weather wasnt too good that day, so on future trips, i'll get the rest of it. Further note, the radial Aero engine is a twin bank, cut-away training aid. Aft of the engine is the intake, and supercharger unit. And as you can see, there is "Honest" Brando's used Helo lot.
    Aircraft identifiable in these pics:

    Little chopper indoors, Hiller 3 M (at a guess, though Kaman is also possible, they are they same thing really, just different licencees.).

    Grey twin engine straight wing : Grumman OV1 Mohawk.

    Flight line of Hueys (B's and C's, I don't see any D's),
    leading back to a Vought A7 Corsair II (B model, judging by the In-Flight Refueling probe).

    Sikorsky S74 Skycrane (late series, large crane operator cabin), stradling an M112 (note the centrally mounted crewdoor in the rear ramp, and the angle on the front armour, the smaller roadwheels in the suspension.)

    CH53 hiding beside an M41 WalkerBulldog and an M60A1 or A2.
    Tail of Sikorsky 55 in near left foreground.

    Middle background, appears to be a Mule, though I may be mistaken. Rear right is a Recovery Vehicle based on the M55 or M59 (which gives rise to M105 and M109) SPH.

    The missile is an "Honest John" or a "Tom-thumb" (name may be wrong but H_J smaller brother). Background behind that is the Mohawk, and behind that, a T33, aka F80C.

    That's about as much as I'm able to see, and I admit I may be called to task, but I feel My id's in the pics are correct or close enough to it.

    Tankgeezer, Thank you for some mighty fine pics

    Regards, Uyraell,
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