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Thread: HMT Rohna secrecy incident

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    Smile HMT Rohna secrecy incident

    First, I'd like to thank those who helped in the identification of the bayonet given me when I was young....(see the post "I need help ID'ing a bayonet"...)
    I greatly appreciate all input.

    Now, and please forgive if this is not the right place to post this, I just wasn't sure, so I came here....

    I'd like to post a link to a site you may find interesting. This concerns the sinking of a British troop ship, the HMT Rohna, that was struck and destroyed in Nov. 1943. This was the first successful use of a remote-controlled "rocket bomb", by the Germans. It resulted in the greatest loss of troops at sea in US history, even more than the number of men lost on the USS Arizona.
    Then, for whatever reasons, the US Government decided to keep this incident a total secret, until the last several years, when documents concerning the Rohna were released.

    My father-in-law is a survivor from the Rohna incident, and he has spoken to me about it on a few occasions. Obviously, he's got more than a few memories about it, so it's very emotional for him to speak to anyone about it. His name is listed on the Survivors List. However, I don't want to post it for privacy reasons.

    The whole story of the HMT Rohna is very tragic but interesting. I thought some here would like to know about this, so I'm posting the link below. Some of you may even already know about it.

    Several years ago my father-in-law generously gave me an awesome family memento: his WWII uniform! I've had it preserved and even once took it to school for one of my daughters "show and tell" days. It blew everyone's socks off! And yes, right after he gave it to me, I tried it on. It was too big for me. BTW, it was not one he was originally issued, those went to the bottom of the sea in the Rohna incident. The uniform he gave me was one he was issued afterward.

    Here's the link:


    Any thoughts and impressions are appreciated.

    James Bentley
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