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Thread: Luftwaffe Kill Claims

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    Default Re: Luftwaffe Kill Claims

    Just have checked the statistic of Richard Bong - the best USAF ace of ww2.

    The 40+7 confirmed victories for about 200 of missions. The efficiency ratio : 0,235.
    Strange method of calculating of effectiveness IMO.
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    They Germans were simply the best fighter pilots of WWll. The Russian were pretty good too. We simply had more planes and pilots than the Germans could field. If the Allies lost a plane, it was quickly replaced. While the Germans did an outstanding job of manufacturing under the circumstances stances. They simply could not keep due to Allied bombing and continuous low level attacks on anything that moved. They had a great shortage of raw materials AND fuel. Many times fighters were sent aloft with just enough fuel for one pass. Often flights were kept in the ground because of lack of fuel.
    The male population of Germans suffered a great deal and as such pilots were sent airborne with far too little experience. Whereas the US always had pilots on hand. It should be noted that Hartmann was almost booted out of the airforce. He just barely passed his flight test.

    From December 1943 to April of 44 Americans, just Americans, shot down 2001 German aircraft. In the meantime the Germans had a few outstanding pilots but it was far too little to stop the onslaught.

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