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Rules for members-Please Read!
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Thread: Rules for members-Please Read!

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    Default Rules for members-Please Read!

    Rules - Please Read

    If you are new to the forum...welcome and please read the following:

    Firstly you should read [FONT=Times New Roman]http://www.ww2incolor.com/forum/faq.php

    Secondly, while the moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore all the users acknowledge that all posts added in this forum express the views and opinions of their author only and not the administrators, moderators, webmaster or other members (except for posts by these people) and hence they will not be held liable.

    The users also agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, racist, xenophobic, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate applicable laws. Doing so may lead to the authors of such posts being immediately and permanently banned (and their service provider being informed).

    You are only allowed one account.

    Please do not fight on this site. If you want to continue a discussion that the moderators have deemed fighting go to Private Messaging (PM). Remember to always treat others on the site with respect. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THEM.

    Do not post other members PM's on the site. If you receive a PM from a member that you feel is offensive please forward it to our current administrators/moderators. These are:
    Site Owner and Admin: Procyon
    Administrator: Gen. Sandworm
    Chief Moderator: Firefly
    Moderators: pdf27, Nickdfresh and George Eller
    We will then discuss it with that person and take action from there.

    Furthermore, it is not a moderator's job to take personal sides on an 'forum' issue. We are here to keep the forum clean and respectable. We will attempt to be fair to all. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly please PM the Chief Moderator (Firefly) and state your problem.

    Always attempt to post reliable sources. "I heard Tojo smacked F.D.R. in the head with a shoe" that comes from Fishy Bob's Swimming Shack site is not a reliable source.

    Rules regarding posts and threads

    If you are going to edit one of your posts please make a note at the bottom stating what you have edited. Please also state why if applicable. This rule was made for reasons of clarity.

    Posts in txt spk will be deleted/heavily edited. If something is worth saying, it's worth saying in plain English. It's simply not fair on non-native English speakers.

    Also please search through our message board to see if someone has already posted a similar topic, repeat topics should be deleted, any users who do repeat topic or a topic that has been forbidden... on purpose will be dealt with harshly.

    Threads without substances are strongly discourage and will be deleted without warning.

    Rules regarding the avatars, signatures, locations

    You will be able to post a link from another website for your avatar as long as it meets the following criteria:
    1. It must be a picture that deals with WW2.
    2. It must be no larger that 8144 bytes.
    3. The size can be not larger than 100x100 pixels.

    We understand that everyone makes mistakes. We will only give persons who post unacceptable avatars a couple of warnings and then they will not be allowed to have them anymore. Therefore, be very careful when you post your link. It would be smart to check that it meets the above criteria by right clicking on the picture and looking at the info.

    Do not make offensive signatures. These may be either offensive in general or offensive towards another member on the site.

    Do not make offensive Locations.

    Guidelines regarding copyright

    When posting excerpts from published articles and/or books, you are asked to add the following informations:

    - in case the source is a periodical: the title of the article, the author(s), the name of the publication, the issue number/date.
    - in case the source is a book: the title, the author(s), the publishing house and the year.
    - at minimum make some type of reference to the source of the info you are posting.

    When posting images:

    - from other websites: add the address (URL) of the site which hosts the image.
    - scans from books/periodicals: follow the same rules as in the case of text excerpts.
    - photographs from private collections: the conditions of the owner must be fulfilled.
    - [B]at minimum make sometype of reference to the source of the info you are posting.

    Lastly, this site is here to discuss and learn. Feel free to debate and correct others in an adult fashion. Most importantly we are here to have fun.

    These rules are subject to change to please check them every so often.

    When you start to post in here, we assume you agree to our rules and try your best not to break them, thanks.

    Warnings / Infractions:

    Please see See Section A for definitions.

    General Rules:

    - In all cases a member MUST be warned before an infraction point is handed out. Henceforth, this will be known as a "formal warning." PLEASE NOTE: All other types of warnings that are not formal are regarded as informal.

    - Informal warnings maybe used. PLEASE NOTE: No infraction point will be valid if a formal warning has not been issued first.

    - When a formal warning is given, the member will be given a certain amount of days to respond/read the warning. This can easily be set when issuing the formal warning.

    - Once a formal warning has been issued and it is understood the member has acknowledged the warning, then if the problem persists, infraction point(s) can be issued.

    - When a formal warning/infraction point(s) has been issued is must be clear what the problem is, how to correct it and what will happen if the problem persists.

    - Any member that reaches 5 infraction points will be banned from the site.

    - All formal warnings/infraction points may be appealed to the staff for review. In the first instance you should do this via PM to Firefly.

    - All site members including the staff may recieve formal warnings/infraction points.

    - No member will advance to moderator/super-moderator/co-administrator with an infraction point.

    - These rules may be amended at anytime in the future.
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    - Once a member reaches the 5 point infraction limit, they will not have the option of an appeal.
    - In some cases the Administrator(s) may exercise their right to overlook stated rules. Explanation should be given.
    - Members that pose a direct and/or immediate threat to the site NEED NO informal or formal warning. Staff members can automatically proceed to banning the member.
    - Members that have "non-expiring" infraction points may appeal to have them removed or scaled down to "time-limited" after one year from the time of the infraction and with good behavior.
    -These Exceptions may be amended at anytime in the future.

    Section A:


    -Infraction: Any action by a member that is against stated rules of the site.
    -Informal warning: Any type of warning to a member that might appear in a thread, post, pm, email or other type of communcation that has not gone throught the "formal warning" process.
    -Formal warning: A warning that has gone through the procedure listed below. These can be "non-expiring" or "time-limited."
    -Infraction Point(s): A point, much like a demerit, that has been issued through the infraction point procedure. There is a 5 point maximum regardless of the points being "time-limited" or "non-expiring."
    -Time-limited: Refers to the amount of time that a formal warning/infraction point will be valid.
    -Non-expiring: Refers to a formal warning/infraction point that is permanent.
    -Active warning/infraction: Warnings/Infractions that have not reached their expiration date. A member will only be banned on 5 "active" infraction points.
    -Expired warning/infraction: Warning/Infraction that has reached the expiration date. Warnings must be active to issue an infraction point.
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    Default Re: Rules for members-Please Read!

    It has become very apparent that quite a few members are unaware of the contents of these rules. Everyone, please read and digest these rules. If you are in any way unsure, ask a mod.
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