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Thread: M26 Pershing Tank

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    Excelent post.... Great info.....thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by PanzerschreckLeopard View Post
    My original description of my drawing:

    The most powerfull American tank of WWII was the T26 E1 "Super" Pershing, which was armed with a T15 E2 90mm L/70 gun, compared to the L/53 M3 gun on normal Pershings. Its main problem was that it used separatly loaded ammunition.

    After the war, work shifted to the T54 gun. It had the same ballistics as the T15, but used single part ammunition, a concentric recoil mechinism to take less turret space, and had a bore evacuator. It was put into the M26 E1, as seen above.

    Firing trials from February 1947 to January 1949 found it to be the best tank gun in service. However, due to an insifficient budget and lack of pressng requirement for the gun, it never made it into service.

    Thank you for clearing that up!

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