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Thread: Falklands/Malvinas slagging match

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    Very interesting, RS*. As regards "cross purposes", I can only say that as far as Irish "migrants" and their immediate descendants are concerned, it is likely that their "Heart was in Ireland" - to them, as to many recent migrants, that was "home". That the official line taken by the Australian education system was that "home" was Great Britain, is hardly surprising and, to be fair, it is worth recalling that up to the early 1920s, Ireland was part of that British "home".

    Regarding transportation to the Americas - yes, this was a common phenomenon in the 17th and 18th centuries. Large numbers of British and Irish convicts of all classes were transported to the West Indies and to the North American colonies as "indentured labourers" - "temporary" slaves to all intents and purposes. It was a useful way of getting rid of such convicts until Australia became available, contributing at the same time to the colonial/mercantilist economic system prevalent at the time. Of course, the real solution to these labour supply problems was the Atlantic slave trade, which supplied more numerous labourers who turned out in general to be better suited to the conditions in which they were required to work in the West Indies and in the American colonies. Best regards, JR.

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    Very interesting thoughts and facts. In his book The Slave Trade, the historian Huhg Thomas suggests that a contributing factor to the better survivability of coerced African labour in the British West Indies to that of white European indentured labour, was that the indentured labourers held no residual value for the planters. The Africans, on the other hand, required a financial investment and could be sold on if necessary. Therefore, the treatment of many of the Europeans was worse than that of the Africans.

    Furthermore, after emancipation in 1834, indentured labour was reintroduced in the British West Indies, particularly in British Guiana and Trinidad, in the form of East Indian labourers. However, a better deal was negotiated by the Indian government and after several years of indenture the labourers completed their contract and were allotted several acres of land on which to settle. Which was what had attracted them to indenture in the first instance. This indenture of Indians was curtailed circa 1920.
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