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That pic looks like a Fiat 3000 (Italian copy/version of a Renault FT17) which was used by the Italian forces in WW2

Italy used this AFV during the 1930s. It was intended, originally, to be the Medium tank in their armored formations (until a new Medium tank was developed). Budget constraints, among other factors, kept them from moving forward and the Centauro armored division was actually outfitted with these old worn out tanks during the occupation of Albania (but not for the invasion of Greece). They were not, however, used in any actual combat role during WW2 (to my knowledge).

Italy never developed a better ATG than the 47/32 because of two factors. (1) the army doctrine called for enemy tanks to be dealt with by the artillery (before 1938 there was no actual doctrine for tank-on-tank combat!) so infantry anti-tank weapons were not a focus and (2) economic/production issues.