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View Poll Results: What is your favorite Tiger tank

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  • Tiger 1 (Henschel)

    65 42.76%
  • Tiger 1 (Porsche)

    23 15.13%
  • Tiger II.

    68 44.74%
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Thread: The Tiger tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heinrich Himmler View Post
    I concur, why would you wast time trying to make a new tank when you have ones that you can build more of. or take old designs of say a tiger and modify them to something that you can build easily, unlike with the other tanks of the time.
    The "why" is very easily answered by the fact that by September 1941 combat between the PzIV and the T34/76 had shown the PzIV to be not only outmoded but too vulnerable.
    The design of the PzIV was effectively rendered obsolete, thus requiring a new vehicle be designed.

    The logical step was therefore to design a new tank that incorporated the advantages of the T34/76 from the outset. As in fact was done, witness the Henschel prototype PzIV replacement, a virtual copy of the T34. Imho, that would have been the better tank to have produced, as clearly shown by Hitler personally authorising production of 200 Henschel tanks for operational testing in combat. These were the German T34 copy, and indeed even look very similar.

    Later, after the MAN Panther prototype had been chosen, the Order for the 200 Henschel tanks was cancelled (rumour has it, by Col. Heinrici of the "Panzer Commission") , when the vehicles themselves were over 90% complete. Again imho: that was a fatal error, as the Henschel vehicles could easily have gone into service without the plethora of problems the MAN Panther initially suffered.

    Granted, the PzV Panther as it finally matured ( and most certainly in the Panther F and Panther II versions) was a formidable tank, likely the best all-round tank of WW2. However, I've often wondered whether the Henschel parallel vehicle would not have been even more formidable, being that it was easier to produce, cheaper to produce, easier to maintain, and every bit as efficient and effective as the MAN vehicle that supplanted it. Yes, I like the Panther, but the DB/Henschel tank may indeed have been better still.

    It is somewhat ironic that the Henschel Panther was ignored while the MAN Panther was chosen, and the Henschel KoenigsTiger was built to compliment its smaller MAN "Brother".

    Kind Regards, Uyraell.
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