as per henry ford....the things i have heard about this guy over the years almost border on howard hughs sort of control when the war dept contracted with ford and willys to make the jeep.the contract stated that both companies parts had to be interchangable and any problem parts could be returned to either company for replacement.(kind of like how sears did with it's tool line for years) well henry ford had all the parts for the ford made jeeps,right down to the nuts and bolts marked with a small cursive "f" on them so that he would only have to replace ford parts if it is a fact that the ford plants weren't hit during the is my understanding that he agreed to nearly halt production at the european plants and to run full blast for US war production if we didn't hit the german soon as it was over ford had a head start on heavy truck manufacturing in germany and europe in general.we should also remember that they were a german army contractor until 1942,after pearl harbor.a good bit of german army transport for the polish and french campeigns was by ford.