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Thread: Color photo thread

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    Default Color photo thread

    I wasn't sure where to put color pictures that could be added to the gallery, so I thought I'd start a thread people can post color pictures along with the source that could be added to the gallery. Sorry if I have missed a similer thread.

    Source: http://www.artehistoria.com/batallas/jpg/CDS13378.jpg

    I haven't seen this picture in the gallery, The moment WW2 began -- German soldiers remove barrier at border with Poland and begin invasion -- Sept. 1, 1939

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    It's look more like a b&w photo that has been colored.

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    Yep, Ingsoc is right. Coloured pic.
    And the most funny thing is that they are not German soldiers...
    At least formally. They are members of Danzig Heimswehr.
    Sort of para-military organisation. Definitely trained, uniformed, armed and supplied by Germans, but not really German.

    Tiger, idea is very good... we should also introduce sort of photo verification.
    I think that Mods have someone to keep the "hawks eye" on it...

    Cheers, have a good day! You and Ingsoc!



    "Accuse them of murdering three men and a dog, and they will triumphantly produce the dog alive."
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    Hello all,
    For anyone interested in color WWII photographs we are in possession of a very large collection of large format (4x5 and 8x10) Kodachrome color transparencies. My Father was a US Army photographer is WWII and served in North Africa and Italy. He was one of only a small handful of photographers to have use of the large format Kodachrome film at the time. He kept the transparencies in a metal cabinet in our basement for almost 60 years and finally brought them all out for display. We have had a few shows and Dad has enjoyed swapping stories with other WWII Vets.
    Our web site is

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    There's a small collection of color WW2 and WW2-related photographs here:

    World War II Database
    8400 photos and growing!

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