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Thread: Magic Mushrooms of Red Army

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    Default Magic Mushrooms of Red Army


    I find in official American War Psychiatry book that soviet scientists experimented with natural drugs reducing combat stress.
    Beside common metamphetamine they produced extracts from
    Amanita muscaria (Мухомор Красный [Mukhomor Krasniy] or more commonly known - Magic Mushroom.
    In larger quantities magic mushrooms are causing intoxication and hallucinations. In smaller could reduce stress, boost courage under fire.
    Amanita Muscaria was apparently known for centuries and Vikings used it in battles. Some of Vikings warriors were called "berserkers" due to
    behavior in battle - they feared nothing nor small wounds would stop them.
    From memoirs of Russian veterans of WWII i know that medics issued some "courage tablets" before battles - mainly offensive.

    Do you know something about it?
    Was it metamphetamine? I know that soviet pilots used chocolate with matamphetamine similar to Allied pilots but now land forces are interesting for me.
    What was in tablets issued to infantry? Amenita Muscaria or amphetamine?

    Please post any findings.




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    I hear about it first time. Could you tell where you've read about it ("From memoirs of Russian veterans of WWII i know")?

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