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Thread: Japanese sword, a toy or a destructive device ?

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    Default Re: Japanese sword, a toy or a destructive device ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hiddenrug View Post
    Being an AUstralian I do not particulary like looking at Aus. POW's. Awful way to die, by the sword.
    Not to change the topic, but why do you say such a thing that it was such an "awful way to die"? Seems to me it's probably pretty quick. A quick slice and off comes the head. With the brain severed from the body so quickly there probably was no time to feel any pain. Those Japanese officers were probably pretty good in weilding their blades.

    As for an awful death, I'd say the Chinese "death of a thousand cuts" would be pretty bad. From what I've read it took awhile and the person was given herbs to heighten the pain. If I had a choice, I'd go for the head lopping.

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    Default Re: Japanese sword, a toy or a destructive device ?

    Friend of mine, a Marine with a lot of Pacific time has a sword and Nambu from a deceased young officer who got closest to him in a night assault.
    He had a Nambu in his hand and the sword was sheathed. There is a bullet hole through the sheath and a big matching chip in the blade.
    The guy had enough sense to bring a gun to a gunfight.
    I doubt most sword wounds were clean head cuts. More like big bloody slashes with spilled guts.

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