Russian WWII Battlefield tours have been organized for 6 years. The
tour covers all museums and battlefields in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow,
Stalingrad and Kursk.
Local guides are experts in their field or museum. Guides in Kubinka
tank museum are all former tankers. Guides in Monino Military
Airforce museum were pilots. They know military machinery they talk
about. Our guide in Stalingrad worked in military archives helping
western historians with translation. Guides in Kursk and Ponyri are
former military officer and historian.
The city of Stalingrad was a big battlefield. Grain elevator, Tractor
factory, Mamaev Kurgan, Stalingrad Panorama, Kalach and the Meeting
of the Armies Monument, Ludnikov's island and many military sights
and monuments are on our list.
Kursk battle was not only Prokhorovka where the biggest tank battle
took place. Of course, we go to Prokhorovka. But Ponyri and the
northern shoulder was as important. Teplov Hights was the place where
German tanks were stopped. We go to see remaining digouts and
trenches in fields.
Moscow features Kubinka tank museum, Military Airforce Museum in
Monino, Moscow Defence museum, Armed Forces museum, and Great
Partiotic War museum on Poklonnaya Hill. Tank re-enactments are done
twice a year in May and September in Kubinka.
Artillery museum is a must in Saint-Petersburg. Naval and Defence of
Leningrad museums are worthseeing, too.

Private and group tours can be booked through our partners in US, UK
or directly with Moscow travel agency Three Whales.

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Oleg Alexandrov