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Thread: Trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by RifleMan20 View Post
    Again, it is sad. Really the enthusiasm was just gone. Maybe if more than, I dunno, 4 people go then it would be interesting but you know, this ain't a big site and maybe after a couple years, this site will be a dust valley.
    As long as we have Great MODS, this site will never bite the Dust!. Hail to our Mods! (the smart ones that is)
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    Well, it being the end of June, and there being no takers on a group visit to the Patton Museum, I think this is a dead duck, so lets drop the idea.

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    Aye, anyway, I'm in Arizona. That's why I wanted early June but a couple of other people didn't want that time. So what, I had a feeling it wouldn't last. Oh well.

    "A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood."
    - General George S. Patton
    "War Isn't about Dying for your country, its about making the other basterd die for his." - Patton

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