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Thread: Colour WW2 pics in a book?

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    Default Colour WW2 pics in a book?

    Does anyone know of a book that has the majority of the photo's from this site on - they are truly outstanding - sepecially the Battle of Britain and aircrew ones.

    I suppose I am really seeking a coulour photograph version of the WW2 in colour - any one know?

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    I think you have answered your own question. Colour photos and WW2 are not often seen in the same place. Most I would imagine come from the net. Use the description as a search criteria.
    The \'eathen

    The \'eathen in \'is blindness bows down to wood an\' stone;
    \'E don\'t obey no orders unless they is \'is own;
    \'E keeps \'is side-arms awful: \'e leaves \'em all about,
    An\' then comes up the regiment an\' pokes the \'eathen out.

    Rudyard Kipling

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    I realize that I have received an email from you asking about the photographs availability in books. Sorry I have not responded, as you can see, I have limited time.

    However, as for your question....most of the photos you see on this site have been sent in by visitors to the website. They do not know if the images are in public domain or copyrighted, and often they have no knowledge of their origins. However, the truth is is that the pictures came from WWII and have been declassified and can be used on the site under the "fair usage" copyright act to promote the discussion and research of World War II. We just can't sell them.

    Some of the images that have been sent have probably been copied from books...but there is no way for me to know. Occassionally, an author of a book will email me with an alert about a photo's origin. I have offered to remove the photo(s) in compliance with the author, but all of them have been honored to have photos displayed on the site. Most of the images are passed down from a dying veteran or family member who is happy to have the photos shared by a new and emerging generation of appreciative historians-to-be. I am sent new photos weekly...just last week I included around 14 high quality pictures from a pilot who flew in the China/Burma Theater--these never before published.

    Some are in books and some are not. As to what books are they in, I don't think I'll ever know unless the authors themselves contact me. There are so many WWII books released every year that it is now impossible to keep up with them. I read somewhere that there are like 5,000 new WWII books released every year.

    I think I danced around your question a little bit. Sorry. I guess what I am saying is that I do not know what books have these photographs. LOL.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Thanks for the reply - I can appreciate how busy you must be.

    Once again I wish to congratulate you on such an amazing collection of pictures - I can't believe how vibrant some of the pics are - they literally jump out at you and look as if they were taken yesterday, it's amazing to look at such a fascinating subject in true colour when I have been so used to seeing poor quality grainy over exposed pictures.

    A real breath of fresh air and a fitting homage to those who are shown within them

    Congratulations and thank you

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    Hey there ! I recently bought a book called: "Stalingrad - The Vital 7 Days" written by Will Fowler. It's got a few hundred photos, maps and illustrations. I believe most have not seen this book because it's published in 2005 (this year !!) It contains some colored photos from Stalingrad.

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