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Thread: British SAS, LRDG and a couple of other recommendations

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    Default British SAS, LRDG and a couple of other recommendations

    One Of The Originals, by Lieutenant-Colonel Johnny Cooper.
    ISBN 0-330-31464-5

    Cooper was a member of L Detatchment, SAS, from the very beginning of the unit. He joined at 18 as a private and finished the war as a Captain. After leaving the army at the end of the war, he returned to the Regiment and served in Malaya, Oman and North Yemen. A first class account of an incredible life.

    The Long Range Desert Group, by Major-General David Lloyd Owen.
    ISBN 0 85052 806-2

    Lloyd Owen, who commanded the LRDG for a time, gives a detailed and easy to read account of the Group, highlighting its organisation, activities and characters. Well worth reading.

    War Behind Enemy Line, by Major-General Julian Thompson.
    ISBN 0-330-36761-7

    Detailing the operations of the SAS, LRDG, Popski's Private Army, SBS, the Chindits, the Jedburgh teams, and V Force during the Second World War. Not the most in-depth book, but a good overview of the different groups and their operations.

    The Colditz Story and The Latter Days, by PR Reid.
    No ISBN, may be difficult to get hold of.

    A history of escape attempts from Colditz Castle, mainly about the British but also some Polish and French, by the first Briton to make a "home run" from that camp. A truly fascinating read.

    MI9 - Escape & Evasion 1939-45, by MRD Foot & JM Langley.
    No ISBN, may be difficult to get hold of.

    The work of MI9, the Escape and Evasion service, who organised escape lines out of occupied Europe, developed equipment and trained personnel in E&E. MRD Foot is an excellent author - if you see one of his books, buy it.

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    The SAS at War 1941-45
    by Anthony Kemp is the BEST book on SAS WWII actions I've read.

    Born of the Desert
    is another excellent personal account written by L Detachment's medical officer Malcom Pleydell. Very good so far of what I've read.

    These Men Were Dangerous is another great book on my list.

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