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Thread: Sven Hassel

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    they are a good read but historically monte cassino and d day were not far apart i don think he was in two places at the same time.however german penal battallions did exist but would the german army trust convicts with there rareest and most valuable weapon ? i dont think so .

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    Sven Hassels books are fiction.
    Sven Hassel was in Denmark sentenced for treason after the war!
    He was a member of HIPPO, which were danes in the pay of the Gestapo.
    He was never really at the front (any of them).

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    Antonio Munoz in ”Hitler’s Green Army Volume 1” devotes a page to Mr Hassel.

    He was apparently an informer for the SD and Gestapo in Copenhagen. He called himself Larsen and dressed in a uniform with many medals and decorations. He was fond of telling war stories in bars and cafes.

    He was arrested by the Germans for impersonating an SS NCO and imprisoned.

    His real name was Borge Villy Redsted Pedersen.

    Hassel's photo on one of his books was recognised as Larsen by the former girlfriend of Obersturmfuhrer Lorenzen the Hilfspolizei officer who had arrested him. She was familiar with Hassel having seen him "in action" in a Copenhagen cafe.

    Make what you like of that.


    BTW – I enjoyed reading the books when I was younger

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