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Thread: Good Sites

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    Default Good Sites

    Any good Sites relating to anything will be good.

    My roccomodations:

    http://i-am-bored.com/-I am bored, really kind off stupid but they post links to interesting, funny, stupid sites. This is where I found WW2incolor.

    http://madamandeve.co.za/-For some South-African Humour, a comic strip out daily about the culture, politics and way of life. You may not got some of the humor, and some of it relates to the characters.

    http://www.urbandictionary.com/-A dictionary of Urban language and Internet language, a good site if you do not know what some abbreviations stand for.

    http://www.themoviespoiler.com/-A summery of all the new movies that are being released. So if you think that there is a movie that you dont want to see, but u want to know the ending, this is a good site to see.

    http://ter.air0day.com/-Some guy watches a movie and then writes a script in his way. Verry funny sometimes.

    Thats all the fairely good sites I have found so far.

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