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Thread: Game Review:AA

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    Default Game Review:AA

    I know somebody else does a game reveiw every week, but I will reveiw this game.

    Americas Army or AA:

    -Publisher:Americas Army (U.S. Government)
    -Genre:Action, FPS

    -Gameplay: 8/10

    -Graphics: 9/10

    -Sound: 7.5/10

    -Multiplayer: 8/10

    -Value: 10/10

    -Realism: 10/10

    -Overall: 9/10

    Americas Army made by the U.S. government to recruit soldiers, is mainly a multiplayer game. You will first have to complete basic training, to ascess maps to play online. You can also complete Special forces training and airborne training to ascess more maps. You can train to become a medic, and heal wounded soldiers on the battlefield. You can train to use a sniper rifle, however this is quite hard as you will have to pass a hard test. The game is extremely realistic and also loads of fun to play. You can download it for FREE at the Americas Army website, or search it in google. You can also pay for it, but that is not worth it. Downloading it for FREE is legall, so do not worry. This game comes in many platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, and we can all play together no matter what computer you have.

    I reccomend that you register you Id at www.aaotracker.com/ as it will track you, when you play and record your stats. This is really cool.

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    I know somebody else does a game reveiw every week, but I will reveiw this game.
    how dare you!!!only i,the chosen one,can review games here!
    you really didn't have to write that

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    I will give you a review of Call of Duty It's great buy it now if you haven't already :P

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    CoD is amazingly fun? What servers you all play on?

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    Thorn_AA servers or an american one sometimes but it's laggy for us BAD servers

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