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Thread: Coronavirus: What's Going On In Your Part Of The World?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankgeezer View Post
    A friend of mine who works at a Walmart Store said that they had a limit of 2 packs /person, and some woman was incensed that she couldn't take 3, and showed her outrage by throwing the 3rd pack at my friend before storming off. This was 4-5 days back. Most people are just fine, and deal with the temporary situation.
    A manager of a local supermarket told a customer with a trolley load of baked beans etc that the limit was two cans etc a person. Customer arced up and ended up throwing cans at manager, which hurt when they connected. When customer ran out of cans, manager informed him that new limit was zero cans and zero everything else in his trolley, "So f**k off out of my store!". Which the customer eventually did.

    Some disgusting incidents of customers spitting on staff and otherwise demonstrating that a tiny proportion of the population are complete ar**holes who should be rounded up and rooted with the rough end of a rooting pineapple until they see reason.

    Who would have thought that kids working in supermarkets would become essential service workers facing the daily risk of coronavirus infection, and employed to disinfect everything in sight as minimum wage casual workers?

    As you say TG, most people are fine. But, as usual, it's a small proportion of the population who stuff it up for the rest of us.

    Bad news on the Circuit Judge. My state's government has been alarmed by a doubling of applications for a permit to acquire a gun (28 day wait in theory, much more in practice) in the past week, so today it's shut down gun and ammunition sales. Possibly not a major disaster as the Circuit Judges for sale are fairly rare and there wasn't one immediately for sale in my state.

    On the gun availability issue, guess who's got more guns than people like me with gun licences, and who's more likely to use them for illegal purposes, and who's most likely to be using them against defenceless and law abiding citizens if this all turns to massive sh*t? No prizes for the obvious answer.
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    A rational army would run away.

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