Thanks again, old friend.

I recognise the bottom gun in your picture, but not the top one. Is the top one a hand held version of the 105mm howitzer?

Back to the original topic on how the world is coping with coronavirus and related issues, given the appalling conduct of many people in many countries, not least my own, on trivial issues like panic buying toilet paper, I don't think it's going too far to predict massive social disintegration and even severe violence if things get really bad with a huge proportion of the population infected. For example, what happens when hospitals and related services can't cope with demand and infections result in not enough people to provide food along the whole chain from farm to transport to shops? Who might not inflict serious violence on others or kill to save themselves or their families to get scarce food? And more so when the criminal thugs start to oppress the rest of us to get what they want and deprive us of the necessaries of life?

If this worst happens, this could be a good time to be:
1. Well concealed;or
2. Well armed, or,
2. if you're of the hippie inclination that all mankind is inherently good and kind, a perfect time to sing Kumbaya and make everything just peachy again.