Not the usual allegations. These people are responsible for countless unnecessary Allied deaths, and massive failures in Allied campaigns.

Class A War Criminal: Douglas MacArthur. Demanded, got, and squandered massive resources from US to resist Japan in the Philippines, on the basis of his usual excessively optimistic evaluations of his defensive and offensive capacities. Compounded his egotistical excesses by moving substantial supplies and ammunition from Bataan to forward positions he was incapable of defending and which supplies benefited the advancing Japanese when they were running out of their own supplies.

Class B War Criminal: Every US commander and subordinate officer responsible for the largely pointless but hugely costly Hurtgen Forest debacle.

Class B, maybe Class C, War Criminal: Bernard Law Montgomery for consistent timidity in failing to support US forces during Normandy Campaign by holding his forces back from supporting US forces when US forces were no better equipped or supported than were his.

Anyone care to expand on or add to these supposed heroes of WWII?