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Thread: IJA Armoured Vighting Vehicles

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    Default IJA Armoured Vighting Vehicles


    As promised I add my Japanese Armoured Fighting Vehicles manual. As the original post seems to be lost I will rebuild it during the next weeks, maybe months. So I have to ask for your patience.


    1. Introduction
    2. Japanese Designations and a short Dictionary
    3. Armament: Machine Guns
    4. Armament: Guns
    5. Foreign AFV
    6. Early japanese Projects
    7. Armored Cars
    8. Tankettes
    9. Light Tanks
    10. Medium Tanks
    11. Heavy Tanks
    12. Gun Tanks
    13. Gun Carriers
    14. Army Amphibious Tanks
    15. Engineer AFV
    16. Railroad AFV
    17. Remote Operated AFV
    18. Other Special Purpose AFV
    19. Experimental Engineer AFV
    20. Other Experimental AFV
    21. Infantry AFV

    I´m quite shure you´ll find a some vehicles unknown to you. I did during the search.

    Due to the forum restriction of 10000 characters per post I´ll have to split most of the posts into two or more parts.


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