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Thread: The Most Important Action on D-Day

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    Default The Most Important Action on D-Day

    It's June 6, 1944 and the Allies are invading the Normandy Coast. What was the single most important action that helped the Allies to victory that day? Was it the airborne drop the night before? Was it the lack of available armor for the Germans? Was it the Rangers taking Pointe du Hoc? Or was it something else. I'd like to know your thoughts.

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    Default Re: The Most Important Action on D-Day

    The lack of German fighter planes due to our fighters taking out so many of theirs in the Spring of 1944. Also, a slow reaction to the landings due to the confusion of the Germans, still thinking that the landings were coming at the Pas de Calais. And yes, if they had sufficient armor, the lack of a counter offensive could have been avoided.
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    Default Re: The Most Important Action on D-Day

    I am not sure that there was one overall deciding factor. The Germans were slow to respond and the Americans exploited their slow response and seized the initiative. With the exception of the Bulge, the Germans in Northern Europe were pretty much on their heels once we gained our footing and moved inland. The allied dominance of the air was a big factor too.

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