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What is surprising about that?
Well , actually it sily to be surprized the fact that america promote and install the oligarhy's regimes around the globe as bad as it's own. Where puppet govenments are controlled by few clans. It's OK. But i'm surprized that most of peoples are zombied and are sure this is RIGHT kind of society - kinda they have a vote in their country. But the facts says the govenments do EVERYTHING against the will of the masses. I meant the wars, artificial crysis finantial bibles and the others thinks the moredn economy could avoid ( as it says).
The ultimate irony is that this hostility to workers usually reaches its zenith in communist (i.e. workers' paradise) nations run by the likes of Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Min, Castro
Not sure about others but within Stalin era workes benefited a lot ( compared to tsarist monarhy regime). The 8-hours working day, guaranted medical service, free education and ets- it was a serious progress. Althought the fate of peasants wasn't so good in USSR. The most of irony - today we have lost all the positive changes of soviet era and got the wild forms of capitalism!. No wonder manies of olds who remember feels nostalgia for the late soviet era. The life then was much better then now.
It's the same all around the world. Every primary school has at least one bullying shit of a kid who takes lunch money or something else they want off other kids. Thirty plus years later they're running our major corporations and governments, or criminal organisations which frequently have close links with government and some corporations.
Agree absolutly. But who let this robbers rule by us and grab us?We are. So what is the general conclusions all of that - we shall search the reason of problem not in "external regimes of Korea, Iran and ets" and start a wars by "our own will" with them - we shal opposite to our own criminals in power to fool us.
Is it not overly extremist for our site?