So anyone who would substantially disagree with you is a troll? Since when is one’s opinion based on the facts at hand, trolling? If you disagree then state your position in a rational manner.

I am pretty sure that I am being ghosted at this point. This is pc gone amock. I wonder are you academics?

Again Dunkirk was not a Victory or a Stalemate, it was a loss. Now if you wish to say it was not as big a loss as it might have been, I understand. After the Germans punched a hole in the American lines during the battle of the bulge, the American rallied, fought back and unfortunately let 200,000 German soldiers escape. Was this considering a victory for the Germans? I could go on but there is no way to view Dunkirk as any thing other than a defeat.

And please no more person attacks. I don’t call you a troll because your view may not be akin to my own. All you do is weaken your position when you resort to such tactics.