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Oh i am a idiot, now I see on your avatar you're a russian!
I was russian yet 3 years back when i first time met you and we have a talk
You should know that the Russian mafia in the 90's in doing extraordinary circus in Hungary?
The leader Semion Mogilevich (in russian: Семён Юдкович Могилевич) who was a Russian and jewish "businessman" and the leader of the hungarian stationing russian mafia
He went all in the 90s: diesel forgery, car bombing in downtown Budapest,rocket launcher assaults against night clubs, handgrenade attacks against bars, contract killings in public streets and bars Hungary, that was the 90's in Hungary

There are still a wealthy Russians and Jews today in Hungary who are permitted at all themselves and for small people kicking as I am, just because they are eastern racists and typically russian mentality crazy beasts: cocain and vodka addicts and cold blooded killers who hate white germans, more prefers and control the the criminal gipsyes
imi, i can understand your fears amd may to believe in your story, but why do you think the all russian are mafia and enemies? Do you think that i love or justify the "russian/jewish mafia" - i'm not. I suffer from organized criminality in russia just like you or any other adaquate man. And i hate and wish the deat to all "russian mafia" , or whatever you call as russian mafia , as much as you wish. BTW there is some of misunderstanding , which you probably don't even notice. The Mogilevich is a famouse mafiosy - but not russian. You will laugh- but he is ukrainain from Kiev And he actually belongs to what you call as the "jewish" organized criminality. So he is not Russian, please take it into future consideration.
Sorry Chevan now but our conversation is now over: I don't talk russians because personal matters
This is pure psyhological trouble , imi.
Becouse you probably think i,m enemy. It's not. You have complined recently you have no friends here - but how can you get them if you look with hostile to any one , just coz he from country you dislike. Even if i am russian- this doesn't mean i will justify the bithers and criminals from so called "russian mafia". Please stop identfy me as a mafiosi. I'm not and i will be glad to wish you to finish off all the mud from so called "russian mafia" -i believe they fully deserved to finish their rotten life in gas chambers or owens
I have a few russian enemy, who ruin and destroy my life,humble me and murder some of my family members and my some of my german friends (my innocent german friends die for World War 2 reasons, because the crazy jewish russians blame them for the holocaust after five generation still, thats crazy)
Russia and Israel is terrorizing Hungary and the other smaller countries still today looks like the communist-jewish system terror and the the KGB methods did not end in 1989
Sad story with your friend. What make you to think your enemies are russian? Even so, what make you to think i will justify those bast..rs , just coz they are "russians". Not all the russians are russian mafia. Especialy if this is endeed an ukrainian mafiaAnd yes that's crazy to blame someone in holocaust. And i never justified the zionism. And Russia is not friend of Israel. So much of dumb clishes!! The Israel is a ally of USA - why you still call your enemies as russian?