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A video of a Wittmann interview.
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Thread: A video of a Wittmann interview.

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    Default A video of a Wittmann interview.

    Ran across this today, and though it's probably been posted before, here it is. https://youtu.be/gFtFfHGmgJA

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    Default Re: A video of a Wittmann interview.

    nice find!
    "The consciousness that I am alive, makes me wild dreams every day"
    (Helmut Wolff lieutenant colonel, one who survived the breakout of Budapest)

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    Default Re: A video of a Wittmann interview.

    A helpfull link, thanks TG.
    Althogh it hard to say , what is more interesting- to watch the clip or to read the comments under))
    Super Hero! I wish the Americans and British would have stayed out of the war and let Germany finish off Stalin and his hoardes!
    Lightning Dasher
    Dude that would been awesome Germany would won hands by down by dropin an Abomb on Russia
    Riccardo Pivetta
    +bohemianh yes but the next target could have been to dominate usa, remember that hitler was producing atomic weapons tests and rockets
    +Riccardo Pivetta I'm not totally sold on the idea Hitler would have attacked the USA. The USA was sinking German ships even before they entered the war, supplying England with war materials even against the will of the US Congress. Hitler didn't want to fight England at first, and respected the Empire they had built. Now England sits in a Mud Age while those they once ruled over? inhabit every corner of England and dominate London. Karma.
    Riccardo Pivetta
    yes but you can tell that hitler was no properly what we can define a hearted man, so if you have such a person whit such that power you never know what to expect
    Fred Fender
    +bohemianh Germany would have annihilated the Red Army. Instead, the Anglo-Americans and their Jewish overlords interceded where they had no business, making the world safe for communism.
    Today, Germany is lousy with the same communists they destroyed in an armed revolt after WW I. It was Marxist Jews then, too, e.g. Eisner, Levine, Luxemburg, Liebknecht and others, who instigated and led the revolution. Now, Germany has a communist for its Chancellor. Disgusting!
    Fred you Sir get an A+
    Fred Fender
    +Riccardo Pivetta Hitler had chemical weapons, but refused to even entertain their use. Conversely, in early 1981, it was revealed that Churchill had plans to use mustard gas and anthrax on German civilian centers. The Allies did of course use napalm and white phosphorus on civilians
    Jacob Rodriguez
    I agree and we would have just focus on the Japanese who were the real enemy. The only problem was hitler declared war on the us afew days after Pearl Harbor, declared war without thought.
    Bob Americana
    +bohemianh well if only the USA had stayed out..and refused to supply britain..the soviet empire would never have happened...britian still would have lost its feudal empire.

    and so on.....
    The reading the comments like this has make my evening

    "I decide who is a Jew and who is an Aryan "- Hermann Goering

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