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Thread: What if Hitler was killed in Operation Valkyrie?

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    Default What if Hitler was killed in Operation Valkyrie?

    Supposing von Stauffenberg's briefcase was left where it was, and the ensuing explosion had killed Der Fuhrer. Who would have taken over? Would Germany have fought on or would the new regime have tried to negotiate a peace. Did things work out better because Hitler survived and continued to mis-manage the entire military? Opinions anyone?

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    Default Re: What if Hitler was killed in Operation Valkyrie?

    I think no difference;

    1) Wehrmacht Putsch in Berlin would have failed anyway; too much veritable NSDAP men in control and having weapons following Goebbels...master of Propaganda.
    2) even if Goebbels and Himmler arrested (doubtful) ; Britain and USA would even so NOT walk away from the unconditional surrender demand. A separate peace between west allies and Germany would not materialize (* see 3). Thus forcing the Wehrmacht to KEEP the waffen SS in action to fight the soviets AND the west allies. No waffen SS = losing cohesion and the frontlines. And keeping waffen SS means releasing (if indeed captured) the SS and NSDAP top heads.
    Making a hasty unconditional surrender in 1944 to save the bombarded west german civilians , at the expense of a murderous vindictive soviet force on the east german civilians is NO option.Thus fights would continue.
    3) With the flight of Hess in 1941 , there was already an opportunity for Britain to make separate peace in 1941. And things looked much more grimm for Britain then , than in 1944. And Britain "owed" Stalin nothing at all in early 1941.
    4) Maybe during some chaotic time , a couple of concentrationcamps prisoners wld be set free, but more likely they 'd be faster terminated. Because where in the "VAlkyrie" textbook do we read "release all jew prisoners at once" or " and to send a Wehrmacht battalion to each KZ-Lager within the next 5 days to release all prisoners" ?
    That's right: nothing. Valkyrie was ONLY a military Putsch(coup) . Nothing more.
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    Default Re: What if Hitler was killed in Operation Valkyrie?

    I think an Unconditional Surrender of Germany may have been negotiated, by Hermann Goring.

    Germany would have surrendered to the West in a New York second without Hitler if it would have protected the German high command from any and all atrocities that occurred during the war and protected them from the Russians.

    Without any agreement in regards to the Russians and atrocities the war continues. I'm not saying this to be anti-anything it is what is, who really knows.
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