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Thread: WWII Airfields & landing strips in Italy

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    Default WWII Airfields & landing strips in Italy

    I am currently very much interested at locating photos or maps of the Palata airfield (Italy, Molise regione, province of Campobasso, coordinates 41°52'42.45"N, 14°54'13.81"E) that in its fairly short operational life hosted several air units of the ICAF, RAF and SAAF

    The ICAF (Italian Co-belligerent Air Force) units deployed at Palata airfield were:
    - the 239^ Squadriglia of 101° Gruppo, of 5° Stormo Caccia flying RE 2002 Ariete” aircraft in Jan 1944
    - the 10° Gruppo of 4° Stormo Caccia
    - the 20° Gruppo of 51° Stormo Caccia Terrestre flying Macchi MC 202-205 aircraft -8 Mar-29 to Apr. 1944
    The RAF deployed at Palata the 241 Squadron (RAF) that moved to Madna by end of Jan and in Feb to Apr. 1944 to Canne.
    The S.A.A.F. deployed the following units:
    - the 1st Squadron S.A.A.F. (Day fighters and ground attack) Oct. 1943 - Dec 1943
    - 2nd Squadron S.A.A.F. ( Fighter bombers) Oct. 1943 - Dec 1943
    - 4th Squadron S.A.A.F. (Squadron Ground attack) Oct. 1943
    I would appreciate any help on this topic.
    Many thanks, Red 21
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    Default Re: WWII Airfields & landing strips in Italy

    Perhaps this picture of P39 of the ICAF may trigger some recollection Attachment 7264. The picture is contained in the volume F. D'Amico e G. Valentini, Regia Aeronautica Vol. II, Squadron /Signal Publications, 1986, Carrolton (Texas-USA) on page 57. The caption suggests that the planes are parked on the Canne airfield. Nonetheless the chain of Hills in the foreground is incompatible with the location of Canne airfield right on the shore of the Adriatic sea South of Termoli. Thus, I suggest that the airfield in the picture is the one of Palata just located at the foot of the Guglionesi and Montecilfone hills on the northern bank of the river Biferno a the estimated coordinats of 41°52'42.45"N, 14°54'13.81"E. (see also the attached aerial photograph of Istituto Geografico Militare of August 1945) Attachment 7265. Thanks for any help you may provide.

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