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Thread: Why is the British Military so good? ?

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    Default Re: Why is the British Military so good? ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rising Sun* View Post
    This pointless defence by you and Nick of consistent British incompetence and cowardice for the whole of WWII is intolerable, and all the more so coming from Americans.

    You appear to be referring to the raid on St Nazaire.

    I make only two points to undermine your empty defence of the British.

    1. HMS Campbeltown was an American lend-lease destroyer, previously the USS Buchanan, so once again Britain didn't really contribute anything to this operation and couldn't have executed it without American help.

    2. Anyway, the Brits didn't succeed as the incompetent Brits ran the USS Buchanan aground and destroyed it, as shown in the following photo.

    Agreed! it takes a particularly high level of incompetence to get through miles of shore batteries blowing great holes in the ship, then only to run it right into huge Doors which were plainly evident to anyone looking in that direction. One can not help but think they were intent, and deliberate in their actions. Perhaps the Bridge crew were in the ward room enjoying Brandy, and Cigars, trading witty Japes, and just didn't notice. Further,, I looked into the Archives, and discovered that Britain did not get their lease security deposit back, as running an otherwise perfectly good Bomb into Dock Doors was not considered normal wear, and tear. (America makes it's money in the fine print)
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