Much as I like it, I haven't bothered looking at this site for a few days because I don't have the patience to navigate its terminally ****ed up display and useless attempts at being a forum which allows members to participate when in reality all it does is present endless obstacles to participation, starting with the most ****ed up display since - well I was going to say the the Commodore 64 from the dark ages, but, unlike the display here, it actually worked.

This post has been provoked by, as with other wasted efforts, me wasting about an hour responding to a very good piece of research by Egorka at which post duly failed to appear when I submitted it with endless attempts.

It is a disgraceful and magnificent piece of disrespect to Egorka that his careful and undoubtedly time consuming work cannot be responded to because this site is ****ed at the most basic level, and has been for the short time since I came back after a long absence.

If the site owner can't be bothered fixing up these long standing and worsening problems, I shall resign as a moderator and have nothing further to do with this site. Which doesn't matter much, as nobody else could be bothered having anything to do with a site which can't be read and doesn't function, but at least I can waste my time on something worthwhile like organising my sock drawer.

EDIT: O, Goody. This posted. Pity my lengthy and considered response to Egorka's valuable post didn't.