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Thread: "dirty wars" in Syria

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    Default Re: "dirty wars" in Syria

    @ pdf27

    I completely agree with you. But the Saudi intervention it's not at all a reassuring thing. Syria is the door for Iran in a next future... and Russia is defending his sphere of influence in the region... She was already impended by Georgia, that means by those who where behind Georgia... don't forget it...
    As I already wrote, in my opinion, Syria is a step for the USA towards Iran and an attempt to push back an historical Russian influence on the area.
    You surely remeber that the Georgian crazy dictator caused the war with Russia after being supported and feeded up by CIA and Israel. And the Goergia is an important strategical point for oil pipelines inside a bigger strategic oil-producing area.
    Syria, even if not an oil producer, is a door in that area, geographic and it could become also political, if Assad falls down. After, the way for Iran is open. And in the meantime, Russia would be forced to a step back in its influence area.
    Iran is the only oil big producer still free from USA control and from a public debt owned abroad (not a secundary aspect), that means from the plutocratic world rulers...
    I'm scared about the possibility that the well known US attitude to feed up every "son of a bitch, but our son of a bitch" - in the unforgetable summary of Henry Kissinger - could cause an escalation of the Islamic extremism in a country substancially laic and where in the past the islamic fundamentalists were swept away by Assad senior.

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    Default Re: "dirty wars" in Syria

    Quote Originally Posted by DVX View Post
    Somehow? Jordania means west that means... something close to NATO...
    It means that Jordan gave tanks to the Libyan rebels (part of what I was referring to with the 'somehow' was geographically not politically), the political reason well who can say, paid for by outsiders or Jordanian Royal family decision, Jordan has been a pro-western state for a long time and had no love for Ghadaffi (Libya was blamed for several terrorist attacks in Jordan).

    Arab states are quite capable of working behind the scenes against each other and it suits their purpose if Israel or the West (especially the US) can be blamed instead. They can still pretend to have Arab solidarity (important in an unstable part of the world).
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