My sister and I discovered a cache of letters written to my grandfather during WWII shortly after his passing. THey sat in a shoebox for quite awhile and then as a gift to my mother, my sister read each letter and put them in chronological order. It turns out they read very much like a novel. What makes the collection unique is that these are all letters written to him from his fiancé, his mother, father and even his brother. You can tell what George is up to from the context of each of the letters. You can tell how George and Grace struggle to hold on to one another via a long distance relationship and you'll quickly see that his parents simply don't agree with his marrying Grace. I invite you to check out the series entitled "Hey! Soldier" at the link below. I am still in the process of transcribing the cache of letters, but plan on doing at least a few a week. I'm open to suggestions and feedback, but feel like their story is one I need to share with the world:

Each letter has a "Navigation" section so you can easily flip through each letter in order. In addition, Hey! Soldier is also on Facebook. Please feel free to share your thought with me on this series: