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Thread: Hitler/Luftwaffe Pilots?

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    Default Hitler/Luftwaffe Pilots?


    I found this picture in a set of encyclopedias about the war my family's had for a while, although the latest sounds like this came from a friend of the family some time back. After some quick research, it looks like the individuals meeting Hitler in the picture are Luftwaffe pilots, at least, according to their badges. Also, I ran a Google translation on the easily visible Cyrillic characters on the back, and the line in red apparently means "deregistration." Again, that's just a quick check on the Google translator so understand it might not be precise in addition to being out of context.

    What I'm curious about is if anyone can shed any light on the picture (units, relative time period, etc), or the writing on the back (particularly the very faint black stamp in the upper left hand corner).

    Thanks for the help! This photo is in excellent condition, on pretty stiff photo paper with the scalloped edges. Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Hitler/Luftwaffe Pilots?

    The absence of decorations like the Iron Cross suggests that this is an early war photo.
    The third guy from the right should be Hajo Herrmann, the fourth one's Oskar Dinort.
    "I just ran out of ammo. I will ram this one. Good bye, we'll meet in Valhalla." - Major Heinrich Ehrler, April 4, 1945

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