Hi there!

Haven`t been here for a while and felt that something was missing all the time ...

Okay, back to topic. I am searching for information about and pictures of any kind of (rare or even single time) field modifications that led to a functional flame-tank. I am not looking for all the well known types like OT-34, Croc, Flammpanzer II and III and all the other ones. This is including the field conversion of the earlier Sherman flame-tanks. I am thinking more of those rare types like a German SdKfz. 222 which is shown in the book "Flammenwerfer des Deutschen Heeres bis 1945". This vehicle, obviously in Italy, shows a flame-thrower beside the 2cm.

Was there a field coversion of the Chi Ha tank? I am not sure, but read somewhere that there must have been some attermpts to modify those tanks into fire-spitting dragons.

Do you know any of these rare conversions or conversion-kits?

Regards from Germany.