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Thread: Chinese Recruit and Grenade Mishap

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    Default Re: Chinese Recruit and Grenade Mishap

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickdfresh View Post
    I haven't seen the video. But i recall my Basic (Combat) Training being made eminently more stressful due to a couple of incidents that had happened to previous, recent cycles (classes) that year. One incident involved a kid putting his M-16A1 under his chin during a live fire practice on the range and blowing his brains out (I had his Drill Sergeant while in "Holdover" awaiting my clearance). The other was when a trainee pulled the pin out of his M-67 grenade and pulled the bomb back to throwing position and holding it as instructed by his TAC Sergeant. The problem was that he nervously jostled his fingers while holding the grenade and the spoon moved triggering the fuse. The resulting explosion, just prior to his qualification throw, decapitated him and "hollowed out" the chest of his TAC Sergeant, despite his wearing of a flak vest.

    I just remember our range training TAC Sergeants and Drill Sergeants always being a bit nervous and jittery when we were on ranges that late Summer...

    It's tragic when this happens and most often due to drills not being followed - in this case due to nerves.
    Perhaps his Instr should have recognised the nerves and calmed him down first, but then 20/20 hindsight is an easy thing to have.

    It is for precisely this reason that most Commonwealth forces teach the sldr to hold thegren with the fly-off lever (spoon) held back in the palm rather than using the fingers.
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    Default Re: Chinese Recruit and Grenade Mishap

    I suspect part of it is the American sport of baseball, in which a players often jostle their fingers and stroke the ball out of habit mimicking footage of pros and films, or in the case of pitchers--to apply something (illegally) to make the ball fly in a favored trajectory...

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    Default Re: Chinese Recruit and Grenade Mishap

    I have seen training incidents involving well preparedAmericans as well as primitive tribesman.

    The bottom line is that final instant when things go as planned or inexplicably totally wrong.

    Guys you think are doing just fine can, for some unknown reason, freeze up, screw up, or do just fine.

    Instructors-as the one shown are ready and quick to counter act the event.

    Grip on the grenade and throwing technique is proscribed and practiced-right up to the last.

    Remember-when the pin is pulled, Mr Grenade is no longer your friend.

    Releasing the lever before throwing is an advanced technique not commonly taught or practised.

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    Default Re: Chinese Recruit and Grenade Mishap

    Quote Originally Posted by forager View Post
    Guess what?
    That stuff is dangerous.
    Note how the pit is dug out in various ways-just to counter such events.
    Stuff happens and you got to be ready.
    Ours were concrete and better defined.
    Agreed...good thing the instructors reacted instantly. They obviously have had more training.
    We had no bags or bunkers, just dugouts to take cover.

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