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Parents of 'Adolf Hitler' Lose Custody of Newborn
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Thread: Parents of 'Adolf Hitler' Lose Custody of Newborn

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    Default Parents of 'Adolf Hitler' Lose Custody of Newborn

    By Alyssa Newcomb | ABC News Blogs

    Heath and Deborah Campbell, the New Jersey parents of three children with Nazi-inspired names, lost custody of their fourth child 17 hours after he was born, the Express-Times of Lehigh Valley, Pa., reported.

    Hons Campbell was taken into custody by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services late Thursday night after the doctor who delivered the baby called the agency, the paper reported.

    “There’s no legal binding court order. It’s basically a kidnapping, but they use different terms,” Heath Campbell told the Express-Times.

    The Campbell family stepped into the spotlight in December 2008 when a ShopRite grovery store declined to decorate a birthday cake for their son Adolf Hitler Campbell’s third birthday.

    The state took custody of Adolf, along with his sisters JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Himler Jeannie Campbell, in January of 2009. The three children have remained in foster care ever since.

    A DYFS spokesperson told ABCNews.com in 2009 that she could not comment on a specific case, but said children are only taken into custody if there is a suspicion of abuse or neglect.

    “We would never remove a child simply based on their name,” the spokeswoman said.

    Neighbor Lori Dilts told ABCNews.com at the time the children were taken that it was certainly not because of their names.

    “Those children look outwardly healthy, but they didn’t have much freedom,” Dilts said. “Occasionally, the little boy would come over here and would hate having to go back to his house.”

    The couple’s attorney, Pasquale Giannetta, told The Associated Press that a court a hearing has been scheduled for Monday to determine the custody status of the newborn.

    ABC News’ Russell Goldman contributed to this report.

    ABC News

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    Default Re: Parents of 'Adolf Hitler' Lose Custody of Newborn

    I almost certain that original case was on the news here as well, not a given name you would expect to hear these days.

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