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Thread: What happened?

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwithpeace View Post



    The one with the link redirects here through the pay site, it's the same link that covered this site earlier.
    There were no attachments so they are clean, same as if sent from here but that link will only help the hacker if you click it.

    Just to be safe, everyone should change their passwords.
    I received, yesterday late evening, the same E-Mail and the same message that downwithpeace had. I've been trying many times to send some PM or E-Mails (from picture section), but with no result... Everytime i tried to submit something, suddenly appeared that link, that they called "site sister" of Do you really think that it may be a good advice to change our own password?
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    I would chap, just to be safe. I tried to PM you as it said you were online at the time to ask if you knew what was going on but it told me I couldn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Procyon View Post
    Sorry about that guys! Whoever did this did a bunch of other things as well such as sending spam. I received a lot of help from my host, so most of the credit should go to them.
    Sadly this type of thing goes hand in hand with websites these days, credit to you and the host.

    Quote Originally Posted by skorzeny57 View Post
    Do you really think that it may be a good advice to change our own password?
    Better safe then sorry.

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    Changing passwords is the cheapest, and easiest security measure at one's disposal. i strongly recommend it.

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    Changed mine for the first time in the five years I've been here...

    No problems with the email though.

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