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you again. we are doing just fine without you closing people topics - thank you very much, but out will you
Is it quotation or not ?
and why is it meaningless ?
Others' topics? You mean the ones' you thread-jack with OFF-topic apologia spam?

1) not quite, casualty ration was 1:1 or 100.000 casualty on each side
The U.S. est. were about 89-90,000 casualties. German est's a a bit more sketchy due to their decaying situation. But they probably suffered closer to 100,000 casualties that they could far more ill-afford than the Americans could. But the Bulge was not merely a German offensive, it was also a sustained, lengthy Allied counteroffensive that was conducted in a grueling and unimaginative manner due to the political considerations and embarrassment over losing liberated territory....

Which means they were being crushed on a strategic level, and the offensive was folly...

3) Germans DID NOT HAVE air support
COMPLETELY FALSE! The Luftwaffe was actually quite active in the battle and extensively bombed Bastogne and actually launched one of the most ambitious tactical air campaigns to destroy Allied fighters on the ground, I think each side lost something of 500 fighters give or take. Again, something the Allies could afford, the Luftwaffe couldn't.

taking that into account I would say German performance was good
They didn't reach any of their major objectives in the given time tables, even when they had fuel and the cover of bad weather. They also suffered rather heavy losses of vehicles even in the opening stages where the GI's were bugging out...