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Thread: King's Speech

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    Default King's Speech

    Might not exactly a war movie,. but hey,. The King was about to enter another great war,. and his speech on the war declaration if not crucial,.. equally important to other statemen's statements

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    Default Re: King's Speech

    Watched this a couple of weeks ago, really good movie. It was deserving of the awards it won in my opinion.
    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." - Ronald Reagan

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    Default Re: King's Speech

    I do think of the King's Speech as a bit of a war film, or at least a biopic on leadership. I enjoyed it much, despite some historical inaccuracies....

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    I've seen this film. In my opinion a good film, but it didn't deserve 4 Oscars. And if there was one actor that deserved it, that was the logopedist (G. Rush).

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    Default Re: King's Speech

    Brilliant acting from Mr Rush in this one.

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    Default Re: King's Speech

    Saw this one and I think I will put my two cents in.

    As a film by itself, regardless of historical importance, I found it to be fascinating.

    The struggles of the main character can be understood or related to in some way by everybody, which slightly expands the range of audience that might enjoy it.
    However, if you appreciate history, then it’s also a winner.

    The story sheds light on a time that we don’t see much of in films. Also, it briefly examined the lives of two completely different families in society.
    We get an interesting glimpse of what life might be like for the lower income family, as well as the wealthiest. It was important that the focus, when portraying the royals, was not on pomp and tradition, yet the element is not totally eliminated. There was a nice combination of the day to day challenges both faced and the peaceful moments enjoyed by each family.

    The costumes: for the most part were slightly vague in regards to the time period, but not distracting, in general, they contributed to the atmosphere of the film.

    As far as cinematography goes, I appreciated that the camera took a unique perspective, capturing angles and shots as the characters saw them. However, at times its simplicity was a little too loud.

    IActing: really enjoyed Colin Firth’s performance. He brought to life a combination of self doubt, stubborn pride and helpless anxiety with great timing and delivery. A challenging role, made very convincing.

    I also liked Geoffrey Rush. He did well communicating with facial expressions that said it all, and left no question in the viewers mind about what this mans thoughts and attitudes were.

    Helena Bonham Carter hit the nail on the head with a solid performance.
    Charming and gracious, she was that extra bit of chemistry that tied the whole thing together.

    All in all, an enjoyable movie. 8outof10.

    -I would be interested in hearing about the historical inaccuracies Nickdfresh...
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