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Afghan hound - I hope it's true
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Thread: Afghan hound - I hope it's true

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    Default Afghan hound - I hope it's true

    Got this from an Australian soldier who spent a lot of time in Afghanistan delivering Australian SAS troops to jumping off points and collecting them after the operation.

    Apparently the Australian SAS have some rather nasty dogs which are not sniffers or trackers but are just trained to pull down and bite chunks out of the enemy.

    The Taliban managed to capture one of these dogs and sent a video of it to the SAS with various demands for its safe exchange.

    An unofficial SAS crew went out and captured a couple of mid-level Taliban commanders and sent a video of them to the Taliban dognappers with a message along the lines "Can we have our ****ing dog back now?"

    The dog was duly returned.
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    Default Re: Afghan hound - I hope it's true

    Please may this be true! I would love to see the digger's hostage video demanding their dog back!
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    Default Re: Afghan hound - I hope it's true

    Well one of their dogs returned after a little sojourn out in the wilds... I imagine its that but embellished a little.

    She went missing, presumed KIA, after an ambush on her SAS patrol...


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