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German Unit's In Stalingrad
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Thread: German Unit's In Stalingrad

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    Default German Unit's In Stalingrad

    Hey Guys, I'm just wondering does anyone know where I could find a list of the German Divisions attached to the 6th army during the battle of Stalingrad, The Romanian ones would be nice also! Cheers in advance!


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    Default Re: German Unit's In Stalingrad

    German 6th Army:

    - 4th Armeekorps incl. 71st Infantry Division, 297th ID, 371st ID
    - 8th Armeekorps incl. 44th ID, 76th ID, 11eth ID, 376th ID, 384th ID
    - 11th Armeekorps incl. 16th Panzer-Division, 24th PD, 60th ID (mot.), 94th ID
    - 14th Armeekorps incl. 3rd ID (mot.), 29th ID
    - 51st Armeekorps incl. 14th Panzer-Division, 100th Jäger-Division, 79th ID, 295th ID, 305th ID, 389th ID

    Furthermore the 9th Flak-Division was lost in Stalingrad.

    Romanian units in Stalingrad: 1st Cavalry Division, 20th Infantry Division (probably not exhaustive)
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